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Broken Wedding Glass Forever Gifts

Breaking the glass at a Jewish wedding is a time-honored tradition that commemorates the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem and reminds us that in the midst of sorrow there is joy and in the midst of joy, sorrow.


Forever Gifts offers several ways to preserve your wonderful memories.

Broken Wedding Glass embedded in Lucite Candlesticks, Menorah, Mezuzah, Block, Cube or Invitation Block

Hand Formed Glass Candlesticks with hand blown wedding glass.

Memory Books, for Invitations , Birth Announcements, Graduation, Bar/BatMitzvah, Anniversary invitations  will make lasting gifts.

Broken wedding glass

Blocks, Cubes, Candlesticks, Mezuzahs, Menorahs and Embedded Invitations

Sorry!! Not available until 2014
Hand blown glasses for the groom to break
Broken glass embedded in hand formed Candlesticks

Hand Made
Memory Display Books

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